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Alexa Rank Checker Tool gives you Alexa rankings. Alexa works as a metrics it’s an Amazon-owned company that gives ranking to a website on basis of popularity over last three months period where it’s interpreted as how well a website is doing compared to all other websites on the web. Alexa provides web traffic data of people who have its toolbar installed...Any website that is popular in terms of users gets rank in this list unless the website is not popular it won't make it to this list. SEO optimization SERP rank is mainly a different part of SEO but now day’s Alexa has as a metrics laid down the criticality to bother for Alexa rankings and checking the same becomes easy with this tool. As it takes ranking directly from alexia’s web engines. Many people do not overemphasize this as not everyone installs and uses Alexa toolbar but this is useful as we can use it as a sample representing people who use the internet. So it’s quite useful for SEO but should be used with the proper judgment you should not overemphasis nor undervalue this Alexa ranking.

How to use:

1. Enter the domain name in the box provided by either selecting address of your web page from browser selecting it and then copying it by Ctrl+c and paste by Ctrl+v inside the space provided. You can also use left click and selecting copy and then on the required space left click and select paste.

2. Click on submit button and wait for page refresh.

3. The results page has in the title the link you have provided along with stats in a column. 1st row gives global rank 2nd row gives popularity at (in terms of the region), regional ranks and backlinks

4. Data is also provided for traffic rank and search engine traffic.

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