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About Article Rewriter

Article Rewriter Tool

Article Rewriter Tool is an SEO Optimization tool that helps to create quality content from the previously available article (original article). It makes use of software and analyzes the content of the article and replaces words by synonyms of the same to the extent can be considered appropriate. In this way, it not only helps in achieving a proper quality of content but in spinning content as well where the original content is reworded with meaning and soul of the content kept as it is.

The majority usage of this tool lies in creating content without help from content creating professional by the business owners they can rewrite an already available original article to be used on their website and even avoiding the copyright issues or ownership issues with the content in hand.

How to use Article Rewriter Tool?

  1. Copy the contents of your original article by selecting the letters to be it from a webpage or a word or pdf document and pressing ctrl+c or with selecting copy after the left click and coming to the page on the browser and pasting the article into the article rewriter box (ctrl+v) or left click and selecting paste by which the content of the article will come to the box visible and we can simply type if we need to have a more improved quality content from our work.
  2. Press the submit button and wait to refresh the page.
  3. The article rewriter produces the result (changed article) by replacing certain letters with their synonyms and has kept the essence of the original article intact. It basically ensures that a differently worded but same meaning article which it originally was is reproduced.
  4. Review the contents and check for further corrections or improvement. This is the final review stage and the writer is expected to verify if there are any changes that need to be undone or what the newly reworded article is conveying line by line.
  5. After the final edit work, your article is ready to be published

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