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Backlinks are internal links that are on others webpages which point towards your website or webpage. These are the most important part along with content that determines the rankings of a web page on a SERP. That means it plays a significant role in SEO optimization. So it is important to understand and have a basic idea of what are your basic backlinks are (backlink profile that you have already incorporated in your initially developed web page) and here this tool comes in use. You can also use it to have an idea of your backlink requirement by using it with a similar business better-ranked webpage (competitor). The use of the tool is quite easy. Backlink checker gives an analysis of no of backlinks that currently exist in your backlink profile and you can check the status with result page if that's green or red stating the quality of the backlink profile. You can use backlink maker to add more backlinks to your webpage. You can have an audit of your competitor’s backlink profile and can also do SEO in a more directed way. The more the backlinks with quality the more the ranking improvement in SERP.

How to use:

1. Copy the domain or website page from the address bar of your browser by ctrl+c or left click and selecting copy and then paste into a domain name by Ctrl+v or left click and selecting paste.

2. Press submit

3. The result is displayed with no of backlinks and a good assessment level in red for poor and green for good or excellent.

4. Check the result and based on the same, you can do a comparison with previous no and make additions. Do SEO; check competitors backlink profile to assess how many backlinks are required

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