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Backlink maker is a very important tool no doubt quality content brings traffic. But for SEO purpose a quality content with backlinks is easily searched by various search engines which is the basic rather three times more traffic bringing to a web site or blog than social media or other marketing methods of a blog. An easily searchable business by a web page or content ensures the success of a writing assignment and more importantly brings value to a web page. This backlink maker tool quickly generates backlinks to a web page which are of good quality. It is made with due consideration to google’s recommended back linking guidelines and SEO best practices. It works like magic and you don’t need to do any separate effort as such other than entering the URL in the box and having the patience to see it happen. In a matter of seconds, you can generate a really large no. Of backlinks to your web page or URL for which you wish to do SEO optimization

How to use:

1. Enter the URL of your web page or blog for which you wish to do SEO in the box provided.

2. Press the submit button and wait for page refresh.

3. The tool will immediately show the similar sites and start generating backlinks to those websites from your page and you can just sit back and watch it happening completely by the tool itself the two columns URL and status will guide you how the work is happening.

4. Simply on completion, the work is done.

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