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This tool is a great tool to check if your website is blacklisted. How come a website gets blacklisted? If a website prompts and sends new product emails to multiple users and one or more of the mark those emails as spam, then the internet service provider blacklists the website. If your website has backlinks that are of quality then it’s beneficial for SEO. But if your website has backlinks to any of these kinds of websites which are blacklisted then search engines respond negatively to your websites as to its lack of authority. It’s highly difficult to get your website removed from this blacklist. Also, it is very difficult for a normal person to find out if your website is blacklisted so this tool helps to check if your website is not blacklisted by ISP. It is important as if your website gets blacklisted then it becomes inaccessible to the users. So one should be very careful and not fall into the trap of people who claim to give quality backlinks which may do more harm than good. If you are to purchase a domain then you are supposed to check if the domain is blacklisted. Some people do the business of selling these blacklisted domains as they are of not much use to the owners of the same. IF any of your user complaints as to non-visibility of your website then you should first check it from this tool if it has gone blacklisted or working fine

How to use:

1. Enter the URL address by copying from the address bar of your browser and pasting the same in the entering URL box. You can left-click and select copy or simple press Ctrl+c to past left click and select paste or press Ctrl+v

2. Click on submit button and for the page refresh.

3. The result will show up with no. and name of backlinks and also their status. Also the overall status of your website it’s listed or blacklisted and IP will be shown.

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