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Broken link finder tool enables you as a webmaster or an SEO professional to know if there are any broken links to your website. Broken links are those links which when clicked upon give an error in redirecting. So this way a user experience is affected which in today's scenario of social media is disastrous for an online business. Also, you might lose upon a prospective client. A website which is not regularly maintained might have a no. Of broken links also called dead links and this event happening with many links on a webpage is called link rot. And it brings defame to a person. So by the use of this tool any person or owner of a website can very easily check the broken links on a webpage and therefore this way take corrective actions for the same. It’s very easy to use the tool. One should always be concerned about their website broken links removal from websites. As a bad user experience may lead to their thinking as any issue on their side. Bad user experience and defame leads to a reduction of traffic to a website and severely affect ranking on SEO optimization. It is the fastest way to find all the broken links by the use of this tool because one might not keep a detailed record of every link on a website and also checking it individually if it’s working or not is very time-consuming. Even in the end, you can’t be sure if you have checked every link in various webpages of your website.

How to use:

1. Enter the URL address by copying from the address bar of your browser and pasting the same in the enter URL box. You can left-click and select copy or simple press ctrl+c to past left click and select paste or press ctrl+v.

2. Click on submit button and wait for page refresh.

3. The result page will show up with links and their status and status code.

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