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Code to Text Ratio Checker

Code to Text Ratio Checker tool works to generate code to text ration from the overall contents of a webpage. The very purpose of this calculation is to ensure SEO Optimization. Various images and links to a website generally form part of the code of that page. So too much content of this nature increases the size of those webpages which possess them. This larger size is directly proportional to the time taken to load that page which you can check by our page speed checker tool. So the motto to check this ratio is to have it to a minimum acceptable range so that the page speed is as fast as possible without compromising to the quality and nature of the webpage. Therefore this tool ratio has to be used judicially. Another important part worth discussing here is if you are not sure about the coding part of your webpage then you can simply make use of this tool to arrive at the code to text ratio. Content on a webpage is also examined by a search engine from its title and headings so this also needs to be checked that even non-coding part mainly text-based content on your page has to be checked with relevance to heading and subject of the website. Otherwise, the ranking will be low and also lower authority will be assigned to that website.

How to use:

1. Enter the URL address by copying from the address bar of your browser and pasting the same in entering URL box. You can left-click and select copy or simple press Ctrl+c to past left click and select paste or press Ctrl+v. You can do so with multiple no of websites and check for all of them.

2. Click on submit button and wait for a page refresh

3. Check the result page so produced where you will find content to text ration along with total HTML size and total content size in bytes.

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